Product Photo Shoot & Life Since The Move

It’s hard to believe that our big company move came and went. It has definitely been a relief since moving out of our warehouse/retail store. I made it my goal to focus on online sales after we moved out. This weekend we had our first professional photo shoot.  My friend Ashley ( took the photographs. So, while I am waiting to get the lifestyle & white background photos back here are a few behind-the-scenes shots:


photography, product photo

Me, Brandon, Mom, Ashley discussing the shot

assistant, photographer

A little help from our assistant, Sean!

charm, bracelet, model

Rachael modeling charm bracelets

charm, bracelet, modeling

I’m a hand model now :)

beach, photo, photography

Beach Shot Location

anklet, beach, photography

Beach Photo Shoot

ocean, beach, photo, anklet

Shot by the ocean :)


I’m looking forward to getting the photographs back & uploading them to :) What products would you like to see from us?

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