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Reese and Rose, a Superior Jewelry Company, was started in 1935 by Elisa’s grandfather, Sam.

Reese and Rose, history, about us
Grandfather Sam is in the middle!

Sam settled on Samson Street in Philadelphia for over 40 years. Superior Jewelry became a well-known fixture on “The Street.”

Samson Street in Philadelphia

When Sam retired, his sons Howard and Barry took over the business. They worked together for 37 years until Barry retired.  Elisa and Howard’s wife Debbie came to work in 2008 to continue the legacy of Sam’s family business.

Elisa created the brand Reese and Rose in late 2014. The names are from her grandmothers: Theresa and Ruth Rose.  They are two strong women, and the brand embodies both of their spirits. Our motto is Live the Life.

Today, Howard and Debbie run Reese and Rose. They work in New Jersey and Florida doing festivals. Please take a look at our Festival schedule on our homepage to see where you can find Reese and Rose next!

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