Reese and Rose: A Lifestyle Brand

Reese & Rose

We are striving to make this brand so much more than just jewelry and accessories. Our hope is to inspire those who wear R&R. We truly want you to Live The Life, that’s why we created the hashtag #rrlivethelife. Each piece has been designed & thought out with love and a lot of care. We hope you find balance, inspiration, peace, love, friendship, and so much more when wearing your own R&R jewelry.


Reese and Rose

I cannot wait until all of our latest pieces are available online and in stores for you to purchase. As a company our mission is to live by what we are making. We all have a story, we all have R&R in our lives. What’s yours?


Make sure you follow us on instagram @reeseandrose and use the hashtags #reeseandrose & #rrlivethelife


Here’s to many more exciting updates,


Reese & Rose Inspiration

Welcome to our new website & brand!

Reese and Rose Inspiration


Life is good! Celebrate today. Our R&R is Relaxation & Rejuvenation. What is your R&R?